Passion is key.

"When you do what you love, your job becomes a pleasure. I just studied and set up my company at the same time. I believed I could, so I did.MWM was born this way."

- Jean-Baptiste Hironde, CEO


From a mad ideato a dream come true

At only 23 years old, Jean-Baptiste Hironde created his own startup called DJiT and took up a crazy challenge : making music creation accessible to everyone by conceiving highly innovative solutions. With the help of his best friend Nicolas Dupré, he launched edjing Mix in 2012, a DJ app that enables anyone to mix with a smartphone or tablet.

Today, edjing Mix is the most downloaded DJ app in the world and registers more than 100 millions downloads.

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Becoming one of the most powerful music app publishers in the world

This first success pushed the young CEO to go further. Guided by the desire to build up his own musical ecosystem, he decided to reuse the audio technology previously developed for edjing Mix to multiply the company’s product range. From that moment on, the company turned from a simple app developer into one of the most powerful music app publishers in the world.


Mixfader,a DJs revolution

The world’s first crossfader without a mixer ! Determined to constantly provide music lovers while using the best digital technologies, Music World Media started extending the user experience by developing DJ hardware products. The company launched Mixfader, the world’s first connected crossfader which was at the origin of a new DJ movement called Portablism.

Mixfader is currently available in 14 countries.

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$ 2.6M OF FUNDRAISING with the support of DJ Martin Solveig, David Guetta's manager and many more


DJIT becomes MWM



Ranked 5th among the world’s largest music app publishers in the App Annie Index.

In June 2017, DJIT changed its name, embodying its ambition of becoming a major actor of the music industry by continuously expanding its app ecosystem.


MWM released its second hardware product: Phase

With Phase, MWM has completely revolutionized the DJing industry by offering DJs a brand new way to perform.
With Phase, DJs don’t need to use needles anymore and can mix with turntables with the best accuracy and stability, anywhere they perform.
Phase has received excellent feedback and support from the community all over the world and is now used by the most famous DJs,
such as Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Cut Killer, or the former C2C.

Approved by Jazzy Jeff and other famous DJs in the world!

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The world's #1 music app publisher



With more than 300 million downloads, MWM is gradually becoming the world’s #1 music app publisher and develops more than 15 apps covering the main music segments (Production, Gaming, Learning and Utilities).


Welcome to the new era!


of fundraising



MWM announces a new Serie B funding round of €50 million. MWM intends to take full advantage of this new funding round to extend its app offer from Music to Creativity at large and to become the next leader in this new category. MWM also announces the opening of its own mobile game studio.

The company now counts 70 employees in Paris and Bordeaux.








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MWM celebrates its 10th anniversaryand the launch of MWM Publishing.

So young and yet so talented. MWM blows its 10th candle and announces the MWM Publishing program
to help other apps’ studios reach the success they deserve.

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